The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK.

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The Queen’s University of Belfast (QUB), UK.

Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) brings extensive expertise to the ALERTOX-NET project, particularly in the innovation of detecting toxin problems in the marine environment. Their specialization lies in the development, validation, and use of state-of-the-art rapid detection tools. QUB has a track record of holding industry workshops to showcase these devices and provide training in their application.

Within the project, QUB actively participates across various work packages. In WP1, they contribute to the preparation and coordination of the project. In WP2, QUB collaborates on dissemination actions, leveraging their proficiency in communication and knowledge sharing. In WP3, they actively engage in the Regional Working Group in the UK and interact within the ALERTOX-NET Platform, drawing on their strong network of stakeholders. In WP4, QUB provides valuable information for the Terms of Reference and identifies methods and industry needs. In WP5, they focus on developing screening tests adapted to the shellfish industry.

QUB’s extensive network of regulators, industry players, and processors across the UK positions them as key contributors. In WP6, they play a crucial role in providing links to validate and pilot the Alert System. Additionally, their involvement is essential in building a much stronger ALERTOX-NET Network, amplifying the impact and reach of the project.

Queen's University Belfast