Marine Institute, Ireland.

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Marine Institute (MI), Ireland.

The Marine Institute is instrumental in ensuring that the aquaculture industry adheres to international best practice standards and complies with national and EU legislation. Their research initiatives encompass marine biotoxins, toxic and harmful phytoplankton, oceanographic biology of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), and the prediction and simulation of blooms and toxic events.

Within the ALERTOX-NET project, the Marine Institute assumes a leadership role. They spearhead WP2 Communication, overseeing its strategy, and play a crucial role in WP6, Industrial Pilot of the Toxicity Alert System. In this capacity, they coordinate the pilot and consolidate information provided by project partners. Additionally, the Marine Institute actively engages in other project work packages, including contributing to the preparation and coordination of the project in WP1. In WP3, they manage the Regional Working Group in Ireland, establish a database on emerging toxins, and interact within the ALERTOX-NET Platform. In WP4, the Marine Institute provides information for the Terms of Reference, identifies methods and industry needs, and in WP5, they make significant contributions to monitoring toxins in Irish waters. Their multifaceted involvement across various work packages underscores their pivotal role in enhancing the project’s overall effectiveness and success.

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