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Institute Français de Recherche pour l´Exploitation de la Mer (IFREMER), France.

Ifremer, along with the laboratories engaged in this study, frequently participates in EU projects. The expertise of the three research units involved primarily centers around microbial organisms, encompassing bacteria and phytoplankton. Their proficiency spans from knowledge on culturing and monitoring these organisms to understanding their ecology, toxin production, and modeling their appearance.

In the ALERTOX-NET project, Ifremer plays a vital role in collaborating on the configuration of the toxicity detection «alert» system. Their expertise contributes to considering environmental factors specific to France, and they establish crucial links with industries for piloting and validating the system in the country. Additionally, Ifremer takes part in piloting and validating the alert system for Public Administration purposes. Their multifaceted contributions significantly enhance the project’s capabilities in addressing marine toxicity and establishing effective alert systems.